There are two option when purchasing Tracfone Prepaid Yearly Cellular Phone Plans.

Tracfone has Two Yearly Plans.

$100 per year 12 cents a Minute

The $100 yearly card that includes Four hundred minutes (800 with Double Minutes for Life). This minute card nearly always has bonus codes available that will in most cases allow you to get a bonus of 200 to 400 additional units. Check for the newest Tracfone Coupon Codes. If you only receive Eight hundred minutes when adding a unit card you will pay 12.5 cent units and less than $9 a month service. There are several bonus codes that will work to get your cost per minute to 10 cents. 65588 for 250 minutes, 42600 for 250 minutes, 94432 for 200 minutes, 92920 for 200 minutes.

$200 per Year 6.6 cents a Minute

The $200 per year plan gives you 6.6 cents a minute service. This unit card offers you 1500 units (3000 with the Minute Doubler installed and 12 months of service time. With Double minutes for life installed these minutes are 6.6 cents each and your per month price is $16.66 a month.  This 1500/3000 minute card is only available at

With either of these programs if you run out of Tracfone minutes before the year is up you can add more minutes by just purchasing another mobile unit card. Get $3 off on any Tracfone phone $19.99 or more using promotional code 23444

The $200 yearly Tracfone plan is the best annual offer in prepaid phones. No one else gives you the length of time you get to use the cellular phone along with 6.6 cents a minute.

What is Tracfone DMFL?

Tracfone DMFL is Double Minutes for life of your phone. With DMFL you will receive double the units which are stated on the Tracfone Minute card. This is good for as long as you own this phone.

If you let your service to lapse the Double minutes for life will continue to work when you reactivate your Tracfone.

Buy the $200 Yearly plan and get one year of service and 3,000 minutes with DMFL.

Please be sure you have DMFL installed Before add the $200 card.

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